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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: Intensive Learning Center’s mission is to teach an innovative and high-quality educational program in a safe and supportive environment.  We encourage students to think critically to build knowledge, deepen understanding, and develop literacy skills for continuing education and future success.  With a commitment to integrity, quality, and accountability, our school community provides inclusive, interactive learning experiences to empower all students to meet their full academic potential.

Vision Statement: Intensive Learning Center’s vision is for all students to be proficient in academics, healthy in body, and strong in character.  They will transition into adulthood as self-sufficient contributing members of our global society who are literate, collaborative, technologically proficient, and socially responsible. 

Dual Language Immersion Mission/Vision Statement:  The Mission and Vision of BUSD Dual Immersion Program is a program grounded in research and designed by experienced and knowledgeable staff for students to develop bilingual/bi-literate skills in English and Spanish while attaining grade-level standards as well as 21st-century skills. Through continuous reflection, refinement, and collaboration with the dual language community, the program strives to meet the goal of bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural competencies.