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ILC Parent Handbook

Standards for Behavior

School-wide Conduct

  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself.
  2. Respect the feelings and property of others.
  3. Follow directions of adults the first time.
  4. Walk quietly in the hallways.
  5. Do not fight, tease, bully others, or use bad language or gestures.

Cafeteria Conduct

  1. Remain seated and raise your hand for assistance.
  2. Use an “inside voice” and speak only to those seated near you.
  3. Use good manners and keep your food on your tray or in your lunchbox.
  4. Clean your area and be ready for dismissal when the “Clean and Quiet” time begins.
  5. Throw your trash away only when your table is dismissed.

Playground Conduct

  1. Play safely and by the rule Use equipment properly.
  2. Follow directions of duty supervisors.
  3. Remain on the playground or grass area. Do not go into hallways or to classrooms.
  4. Kneel when the bell rings and walk to line.
  5. Snacks are to be eaten on the blue benches only.

In addition to the above school-wide, cafeteria and playground standards for behavior, each teacher has an effective classroom management system that is shared with parents at Back to School Night.


Our Board of Education is fully committed to providing a safe and secure school environment in which students can effectively learn.  Student behavior that threatens the safety of other pupils, staff, or visitors cannot be tolerated.

The following infractions are of a serious nature and may lead to an in-school suspension from class and/or an at home suspension from school:

1.  Verbal disrespect to adults or defying adult authority

2.  Refusing to follow directions

3.  Obscene language or gestures

4.  Bodily harm to another person

5.  Fighting (or inappropriate body contact)

6.  Damage to school and/or personal property

7.  Stealing of any school or personal property

8.  Possession of any dangerous object or weapon (which includes imitation/toy guns, weapons)

9.  Harassing, intimidating, or bullying of other students

10. Violations(s) of Education Code, Section 48900, which specifies causes for suspension.

Removal of a student from the educational program by suspension represents a serious impediment to the student’s academic learning.