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Arrival To and Dismissal From School

Our cafeteria opens at 7:30 a.m. for supervision, no breakfast is provided.  However, students may bring breakfast from home to eat.  Gates and the playground open at 7:45 a.m., and certificated staff members are available for supervision. Students enter and depart through the gates at Michelson Street at the front of the school and on Whitewood Avenue to the south of the parking lot. There is no after-school supervision. Arrival on time at school and being picked up on time after school is extremely important for the safety and welfare of your children.


The drop-off and pick-up zone on Michelson Street is identified by the orange traffic cones. Parking within the coned-off area is not permitted. When using the drop-off and pick-up zone, please pull all the way forward as space permits, allowing others to move into the zone. Please have students wait for you to get to the end of the zone before entering or exiting the car. Children are allowed to cross the street at the crosswalks only. Parents can and have been ticketed for not using the crosswalks.

The parking lot is for staff parking and BUSD employees. Students are NOT to be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot as it is an unsafe place for students.


Crossing guards are scheduled to help children across the street at Michelson Street and Clark Avenue. If your child crosses Clark Avenue, please make sure they cross with the crossing guard. Discuss all traffic and pedestrian regulations with your children.  The crossing guards are obligated to report problems to the school and their supervisors for appropriate action.


Students in grades 3-6 may ride bicycles to school after they have completed and returned to the office a “Bicycle Contract.” Students must wear helmets and observe safe riding practices.  In order to protect bicycles from theft, they are to be placed in the bike rack and locked.  All bicycles must be walked when on school grounds. Skateboards, skates, scooters or skate shoes are not allowed.


There is no bus transportation to or from the Intensive Learning Center. Busses are provided for field trips, and students must obey all safety and bus rules in accordance with parent signed permission slips.