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Independent Study Contracts and Homework Requests


Sometimes a student is absent from school for reasons other than illness or excused absences. Such absences are considered unexcused by the state and recorded as such. As an alternative to these unexcused absences, an Independent Study Contract can be arranged. This does not replace the importance of time lost in the classroom, but it will help to keep your student up-to-date with some of the class work, and no unexcused absences will be entered on his/her school record.

The guidelines for an Independent Study Contract are:

  1. The absence is for a minimum of five school days.
  2. The parent/guardian notifies the school office and the teacher one week in advance of the absence.
  3. The parent/guardian agrees to supervise the student’s completion of the study/work assignments. 
  4. The teacher makes up a packet of appropriate work for the duration of the Independent Study.
  5. The student brings the completed work back to school on the first day he/she returns to class with the Independent Study Contract signed by the parent/guardian and student.
  6. The work is checked by the teacher and turned into the office. After being reviewed and signed by the principal, the absences are changed from unexcused status to excused, and the Independent Study Contract with a sample of work is saved for auditing purposes.


Homework will not be provided for a one-day absence. If homework is desired for an absence that exceeds one day, the request must be made before 9:45 a.m. on the second day of the absence. Homework should be picked up in the office before 4:00 p.m.