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Items for School Messages School Property


In general, it is best not to bring personal items (toys, electronic games, etc.) to school unless it is first cleared by the teacher and/or office. If an item is questionable, check first. Sports equipment from home should not be brought to school. Unapproved items will be confiscated and returned only to the parent or guardian. Money is easily lost and students should bring only what is needed for lunch, after-school sales or other school business. Pets are not permitted at school. Neither Intensive Learning Center nor Bellflower Unified School District is responsible for personal items that are broken, lost, or stolen.


Office staff will make a diligent effort to deliver messages and/or items to students.  As this is an interruption to the instructional day, students should come to the office during recess to check for lunches, instruments, and other items dropped off from home. Please make your best effort to plan ahead to avoid delivering messages or items to students during the instructional day.


ILC provides textbooks and other materials for use by students. They need to be responsible for taking good care of textbooks and materials. Students and their parents will be held responsible for damaged or lost textbooks and library books. Parents/guardians will be billed for damage caused by willful acts on the part of their children, including damage to buildings, property, supplies and equipment.