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Volunteering at ILC

ILC loves and appreciates our parent volunteers!  As we partner together to provide the best education for all ILC Eagles, please follow these guidelines:

  • Complete and submit to the office the BUSD Volunteer Application.
  • Sign in and out with the office each time you volunteer.
  • Wear a volunteer's sticker while on campus.
  • Respect instructional time by only volunteering with the approved class, do not wander around campus.  
  • Understand classroom volunteers are determined by the classroom teacher.

Toddlers and babies are not welcome during volunteer times, as this is a distraction to learning and/or the activity. 

Volunteers are not needed for recess or lunch times, as ILC and Think Together staff supervise students during these times.  

If you would like to volunteer for a PTA event, please communicate with the PTA parent responsible for that activity.  Refer to the PTA Information button or the PTA Facebook page for more information. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please discuss your interest with the classroom teacher.  After the classroom teacher establishes a schedule and welcomes you into the classroom, please complete the BUSD Volunteer Application.

BUSD Volunteer Application